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25 September, 2015

We are growing fast and well! Join us on our fantastic journey!

- Processes streamline in a Pharmaceutical company,
- Remediation program management in a Pharmaceutical company,
- Head of QC in a Biotech company,
- Head of QA in a Pharma & Biotech company,
- GMP trainings in a Biotech company,
- Isolator validation in a Biotech company,
- Stability chambers qualification in a Pharmaceutical company,
- Global engineering & Project management support in a Pharmaceutical company,
- Quality system assessment in a Pharma & Biotech company,
- Quality engineering support in a Medtech company,
- Internal audit ISO 13485 in a Medtech company
- Regulatory affairs support & expertise in a Medtech company,
- Human factors support & expertise in a Medtech company,
- …